Dr Ali Ajam

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Premier anti-ageing doctor in Warrawong

What she said

"Over the past eight years, I have referred many friends and clients to Dr Ajam. A lot of people have no idea that I have fillers and that's the way I like it; but on the same token, I have no problem when it comes up to say 'yes I do.' I would never go anywhere else."
- Sharyn

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For almost twenty years, Dr Alie Ajam has been serving customers in the Warrawong area. He is an integrative anti-ageing specialist and general practitioner at Bayview Medical Centre. 
dr ali ajam

About Dr Ajam

When he is not giving you a beautiful, more youthful face, Dr Ajam works with such conditions as thyroid and adrenal issues and menstrual or menopausal cases. Dr Ajam also works tirelessly in the prevention of heart disease and dementia.

Dr Ajam looks forward to working with you in 
creating the best version of yourself 

We offer phone consultations for your convenience. 
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